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How do people in your country show politeness?
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From what I have seen, it's saying “Thank you”. We were all raised to say “thank you” to those who have helped us, no matter how big or small that support is. But that really depends on what each person considers “help” and “support”. What I mean is that nowadays, I have noticed that many people do not consider
service workers
, or coffee shop
to be “help” and that it is a service that they paid for, thus they don’t see the need to thank those people. That way of thinking is something I really
fail to understand
, since for me, saying thank you is also a way to really
express your gratitude
for simple things in life, and also I would always thank my baristas so they would never
secretly spit in my drink
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What kinds of behaviors are not polite?
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Out of all the impolite things I have seen, the most
vile and disgusting
act would be
coughing or sneezing
your mouth and nose. It does not even take any kind of
etiquette or manners lesson
to see how
that is. Not only that is
, the
guttural and feral
noise one makes when they sneeze is really
offensive to the ear
, and the fact that a person would fail to consider that just shows how
they are to people around them. Some even have to make it worse by
spitting the phlegm
on the ground afterwards. In fact I have once ran away from
a date
because I
my date doing all that in the parking lot before getting into the restaurant where we were supposed to meet. When he got to the table, I even noticed
a speck of phlegm
on his
upper lip
, and it was so
I had to apologize and made up an excuse to leave immediately.
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Do you think politeness is related to one’s academic background and family environment?
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Certainly, especially the “
academic background
” part. Since children are very
, one of those sources has to be a good influence in their life, preferably both. It is a
sad reality
but some parents are really
of their children’s
emotional growth
, so it’s the teachers responsibility to help shape their students’
common sense
basic manners
. For instance, a friend of mine comes from a family of fishermens. His father, uncles and cousins
a lot, and after he cursed in class one time, our
homeroom teacher
called his entire family to her office and
them all. If it weren’t for her
stepping in
, I think my friend would be
talking in profanities
by now.
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📚 Vocabulary

to be raised to do something
/tuː biː reɪzd tuː duː ˈsʌmθɪŋ/
(adj). Được nuôi dạy là phải làm theo điều gì đó
to not see the need to do something
/tuː nɒt siː ðə niːd tuː duː ˈsʌmθɪŋ/
(verb). Không thấy nhu cầu làm việc gì đó
to fail to understand something
/tuː feɪl tuː ˌʌndəˈstænd ˈsʌmθɪŋ/
(verb). Không hiểu được việc gì đó
to be offensive to somebody/something
/tuː biː əˈfɛnsɪv tuː ˈsʌmbədi ɔː ˈsʌmθɪŋ/
(adj). có tính xúc phạm đến nguời nào đó, việc nào đó
to make up an excuse
/tuː meɪk ʌp ən ɪksˈkjuːs/
(verb). bịa ra một cái cớ
to be negligent of something
/tuː biː ˈnɛglɪʤənt ɒv ˈsʌmθɪŋ/
(adj). lơ là việc gì đó
to step in
/tuː stɛp ɪn/
(verb). can thiệp vào việc gì đó

✨ Bài tập exercise

Mình cùng làm 2 bài tập sau đây để ôn lại các từ vựng và cấu trúc đã được dùng trong bài Sample Speaking Part 3 Politeness nhé!

Exercise 1:

1 Tất cả chúng nó đều được nuôi dạy là phải biết tôn trọng tất cả mọi người xung quanh
=> They

be respectful of everyone around them

2 Tôi không có nhu cầu để mua cái iPhone mới, trông nó y chang như cái điện thoại tôi đang dùng
=> I

to buy the latest iPhone, it looks exactly like my current phone

3 Thằng bé không hiểu được giáo viên đang nói gì
=> He

what the teacher is saying

4 Câu đùa đó có tính xúc phạm đến phụ nữ
=> That joke is very

5 Anh ta phải bịa ra một cái cớ để trốn học
=> He has to

to skip class

6 Bạn quá lơ là mấy cái cây dạo gần đây đó, chúng đang chết kìa
=> You

your plants these days, they are dying!

7 Các con cô ấy đang làm loạn trong bếp nên cô ấy phải can thiệp
=> Her kids were making a mess in the kitchen so she had to

offensive to woman
were all raised to
step in
fails to understand
don't see the need
are really negligent of
make up an excuse

Exercise 2:

Điền các từ/cụm từ phù hợp vào chỗ trống

Người làm ngành dịch vụ


Thu ngân
=> A

Người pha chế
=> A

Thể hiện lòng biết ơn
=> To express one's

Hèn hạ và kinh tởm

and disgusting

Bài học về phép xã giao hoặc cách cư xử

or manner lessons

Mất vệ sinh
=> To be

Nhổ một miếng đờm
=> To spit a speck of

Gây kinh tởm
=> To be

Nền tảng học vấn


Sự phát triển về mặt tâm lý


Ý thức chung

Chửi thề
=> To

Mắng mỏ
=> To

Nói chuyện bằng tiếng lóng, tiếng chửi thề
=> To talking in

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